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Our story

Laundry Efficiency is run by Graham and Colin Oakley. Together with their team, they have over 40 combined years of experience in helping laundries become more efficient and more productive.

We understand the complications that come with running a busy laundry business. We understand the time and the resource struggles but we also understand the growth opportunities within this market space. We help laundry owners drive efficiency gains, increase productivity and put money back in their pockets.

The equipment and solutions offered by Laundry Efficiency power some of the most advanced Ozone generation systems in the market today. Our products are continuously enhanced with the latest technologies available which also improves the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of our equipment.

Our products have a track record of drastically reducing energy and chemical consumption in commercial laundries as well as making an environmental difference to your business bottom line.

We look forward to working with you.

Ozone Technology as developer by Nasa

We own the European rights to groundbreaking Ozone products

Ozone makes a difference to the environment

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The Laundry Efficiency Ozone technology absolutely transformed my commercial laundry business! My company is now more productive and cost efficient!

Paul Woodhead

Laundry Efficiency

71 – 75 The Lightworks
Market Street
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An Ozone Success Story

Find out for yourself how Ozone transformed this laundry business!