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Company overview

Laundry Efficiency is run by Graham and Colin Oakley. Together with their team, they have over 80 combined years of experience in helping Laundries save money.

Keen to pick their brains on how they can help your Laundry become more efficient? Get in contact with Graham or Colin today and put more money back into your business!

Company overview


Located in beautiful Staffordshire, and operating since 2011 Laundry Efficiency offers state of the art ozone laundry solutions. Our mission is to provide all our customers with outstanding technologies that save them money and natural resources.

We have been in this industry for long enough to understand the complications that come with running a family-owned laundry business. We understand the struggles but we also understand the growth opportunities within this space. We help folks like you put their businesses back on the map and we help you put some money back in their pockets.

The equipment offered by Laundry Efficiency powers the most advanced ozone generation systems on the market today. Our products are continuously enhanced with the latest technologies available – improving the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of our equipment. Our products have a track record of drastically reducing energy and chemicals consumption in commercial laundries. Ozone helps slash your bills, improve your performance and help you put more money back in your pocket!

We own the rights to the Ozone Technology and work with our technical partners to continually improve and develop new products

How much money are you burning through every month to pay bills? Take our Laundry Efficiency Test and find out how much we can save you! 100% savings guaranteed

Our commitment to you

Laundry Efficiency has defined ozone laundry technology and is the premier company in ozone laundry systems in the UK. Utilizing patented technology, developed by NASA, Laundry Efficiency is the ultimate ozone catalysis available in the UK to allow cold water to maximize ROI, delete flushes and rinses, extended linen life, activates wash chemistry better than hot water, extends life of equipment, and is environmentally friendly.

We commit to offering superior technologies that are guaranteed to save you money! We commit to helping you grow your laundry business without growing your monthly bills.

What is Laundry Efficiency?

Take our Laundry Efficiency Test and find out how much we can save you! 100% savings guaranteed