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What makes Laundry Efficiency Different?

What makes us different?

Here at Laundry Efficiency, we have chosen to build our business in a different way to other companies.

We are different to other companies and we prove this in 3 key ways.

  1. We seek to understand the size and nature of your laundry before doing anything. We know what we do works but from understanding more about you and the way your laundry works, we can be very specific about the efficiencies and savings we can help you make
  2. We provide a 6 month guarantee to every customer we work with. Our guarantee makes the deployment of our product and service completely risk free for you as a Laundry Owner. If we don't feel we can make the savings that cover the cost of our service then we will tell you this up front so neither of us waste any time!
  3. We provide a 6 point customer charter to back up the guarantee we give to every customer. This charter outlines how and the speed in which we deliver our service.

Ask us to see details of our charter and guarantee to see how we ensure we deliver on the promises we make and provide all of our customers with an incredible level of service.

Take our Laundry Efficiency Test and find out how much we can save you! 100% savings guaranteed

The Laundry Efficiency Ozone technology absolutely transformed my commercial laundry business! My company is now more productive and cost efficient!

Paul Woodhead

Laundry Efficiency

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