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Saif Linen Laundry

Saif Linen in Bradford have been recommending the Laundry Efficiency product and solution to a wide range of other laundries they know because of the results they have seen! Their MD Arosh Ali explains why

Arosh Ali - Saif Linen

“We can achieve high quality standards without using hot water and chemicals. Ozone is a highly effective oxidizer that actually delivers multiple cleaning factors to the laundering process using only cold water"

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The Laundry Efficiency Ozone technology absolutely transformed my commercial laundry business! My company is now more productive and cost efficient!

Paul Woodhead

Laundry Efficiency

71 – 75 The Lightworks
Market Street
WS12 1AD


An Ozone Success Story

Find out for yourself how Ozone transformed this laundry business!