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Another Laundry goes live with the Laundry Efficiency System

Laundry Efficiency is pleased to announce that The Green Group in Glasgow has joined the growing number of commercial laundries within the UK choosing Ozone as a way in which to reduce operating costs and increase their capacity.

The growing laundry group who have been in business for over 6 years have been keen to grow their business whilst maintaining the high level of quality that they insist on delivering to their customers.

Tooq Ahmed, the Operations Director at The Green Group has been thrilled by the impact that the Laundry Efficiency Ozone machines and programs have provided. “Ozone has allowed us to reduce down the amount of chemicals we were using which in turn allows us to increase the lifespan of our linen and reduce costs” commented Tooq. “I had looked into the science of Ozone and was aware that there had been some existing problems in the past but I am aware as with all technology things move on and I am happy to be shown improvements where they exist. We did a trial and that showed me what the Ozone machines were capable of. Since we have started working with Laundry Efficiency the energy savings have been big. We were previously washing linen and towels in 55 degrees but we are now washing these items in cold now and are saving a fortune. We are also saving over 50% on the water which is another expensive utility and we are now getting almost double the work for the same electrical cost. Ozone has allowed us to take on new customers and jump to a new level”

The Green Group have deployed a new Ozone generator machine which Laundry Efficiency have been deploying in a growing number of different laundries across the UK. The machine combined with the knowledge and expertise of the Laundry Efficiency team is providing significant monthly cost savings for the group so allowing them to develop and build their customer base and business.

Click here to see the impact that the service is having with the guys in Glasgow

If you are interested in exploring how your laundry could benefit from similar savings then take our Laundry Efficiency Test here and see how you and your laundry could benefit

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