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Laundry Efficiency goes live with Avonport Laundry

Following on from the success that Telford Laundry  have seen with their deployment of a Laundry Efficiency solution, we are pleased to announce that Avonport Laundry in Dursley, Gloucestershire have also now gone live with one of our Ozone based products. The need for laundry owners to reduce costs within their business is essential. Laundry Efficiency are helping forward thinking Laundries see savings of between 30-50% on their water bills, up to 80% on their chemical bills and massive savings on energy bills as they deploy revolutionary new technology.

Marcus Thorne Director of Avonport Laundry comments within a new video released today that Avonport are already seeing the impact even from within a few weeks of having the product installed “From a chemical point of view we’re already reducing the amount of chemicals we use. Already we’re benefiting from cost savings. We chose to go with Laundry Efficiency mainly to increase our wash capacity, but with that comes reduction in chemical costs and utilities such as gas, electricity and water.

So far after about a week, we’ve noticed a considerable difference in the whiteness of all our items. So far, I’m very impressed.

In addition to implementing the new solution, the Laundry Efficiency team have also been on hand to provide support and implementation assistance which has been appreciated by Marcus and his team at Avonport. As Marcus comments within the video

“I would recommend Laundry Efficiency as they’ve been very helpful throughout the process. They’re always contactable out of office hours and any questions we’ve wanted answering, they’ve always been able to answer and I’ve found the whole experience a pleasure.”

If you are a Laundry Owner who is keen to see how Laundry Efficiency can help you drive efficiencies within your business and increase your bottom line profit then please contact us here and one of our team will be in contact. Watch the video below to see how Avonport are benefiting.

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